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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Week the Women Went...I watched it...once

Lifetime has a new show called The Week the Women Went & it's about a small town in which all of the women over the age of 18 leave for a week.  The husbands, other men & children are left to handle things on their own.  Now I'm not your average woman, I don't want kids, I don't really like kids to be perfectly honest & I now realize that I wasn't raised by or around the average woman.  The women in my life have always worn the pants, had no problems leaving their husbands & or kids behind for any reason.  During the day to day women & men both worked, men did the outside housework (lawn, trash, handyman stuff, car repairs) while the women did the domestic stuff (cooking, dishes, laundry, daily kid stuff) but when it came time for trips dads were capable of taking care of mom stuff & moms were able to take care of dad stuff.  That is NOT the case in this town!  So many of the women were worried about leaving their's only a freaking week!!!

I can understand not wanting to leave your child for a week with absolutely no communication with them for fear that something might happen but the men?  I don't understand any of the women who didn't have kids & were worried about leaving their man for a week because he can't take care of himself, that's clearly a problem.  There's a mom who is all beside herself because her 24 (might be younger) year old son, who happens to be the town Fire Chief , will suffer without her.  Right before all of the women left he proposed to his girlfriend & mom was so upset...she was sobbing & so disappointed that her son would dare to leave her.  Now she's away with the new fiance that she doesn't approve of...I sure as hell hope that the fiance is able to get in moms good graces & I also hope she doesn't have to do everything for her husband like his mother does!

There is another woman who is in her 30's & she's a single mom & is leaving her 3 kids (2 of them are teens) with her younger boyfriend to see if he can handle it.  There are two women who own businesses that are leaving them to their young kids to look after in their absence...the kids are in charge of these grown men, it's quiet funny to me.

As for the men, there is one guy (with a baby & a coffee drinking child) who found out the day the women left that he had to put together a fashion show in his mother's absence.  He enlisted the help of some other guys who have teamed up with their kids in one house hoping that they will make a good team & make things easier on each other.  All of the men were freaked out for the women to leave, it was quite funny to see them the first night trying to put kids to bed & trying not to break down within the first five minutes.  Some of the kids were...well, assholes when their mom's got on the train to leave though I'm sure I would have been the same way when I was that little too.

Clearly I wasn't all that impressed by this show because I completely forgot to watch it again except for a few minutes of the second episode...I think it was the second.  Anyway, I was at a friend's house and was walking through the kitchen & I heard one woman say that another one of the women had already gone back home because she missed her husband too much.  I said out loud "are you freaking kidding me?" and then they showed the woman who left & she said that she "wanted" to go home, she didn't "need" to.  I decided that this show was not for me because I don't buy that shit.

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