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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gallery Girls, I watched it

Gallery Girls, Gallery Girls...I'm not quite sure what to say about these ladies...wait, yes I am, they are all a mess!  First we'll start with the Manhattan girls & first is Amy, originally from Coral Gables who I swore was the girl who played Cindy in the Brady Bunch movies!  She's blonde & drinks a lot & is always anywhere that's anywhere to network, especially if there's free booze.  Her daddy pays for everything for her.  I'm not a big fan of her at this point, she's so fake & drunk, it's just not attractive but she's got quite a history in gallery work so she must know her shit.

Kerri is originally from Long Island & she works full time as a high-end concierge to the rich & famous but she also works an internship as well.  She has always had a love for art so she really wants to be working in that world rather than one she's in but she also needs money since she pays for her own apartment in Manhattan. Kerri is my favorite Manhattan girl because she seems "normal".

We also have Liz, originally from Florida who is kind of likable but also lives off of daddy's dime.  Her daddy is a big time art collector & while she was coming to NYC to make it without her father's connections she used one for her internship!  Her father is a very "plain Jack" kind of guy, jeans & t-shirts and a bit shaggy but for those who know him know that he's a big deal.  She name drops him all the time in her interviews which is pretty annoying.  On her first day at her internship she complained about the work she was doing & in her interview said "I'm happy to do anything that involves sitting down or using the phone" and made a remark about calling her dad to complain if that wasn't the case.  We'll see what happens with her because I'm on the fence about this one.

The last Manhattan gal is Maggie who is originally from Easton, PA & so far I don't like her.  She's another one who is really thin & she's pretty whiny.  She also appears to have possibly had a fling with one of the gallery owners who mind super gross.  I can't stand watching her on screen because she constantly has her hands in her hair...I mean constantly, it's so freaking annoying, I want to shave her head.

Now we move over to the other side of the bridge & first up in Brooklyn is Angela who is originally from the OC & was raised in a strict Vietnamese household.  She's a photographer, model, waitress who loves the arts & is extremely outgoing & loves the spotlight.  I'm not really sure why she's a main character on the show though, she's not a gallery girl.  Then again, most of the Housewives aren't actually wives either!

Next in Brooklyn is Chantal who is originally from Atlanta & doesn't wax her eyebrows.  This girl is super thin, always wears dark red lipstick & after she's been drinking it's all over her face & teeth & she gets pretty sloppy when she's drinking.  Chantal & Claudia (both names that make me cringe by the way) own their own "gallery" & Chantal just loves telling everyone at every opening that she owns a gallery.  Dude, it's a boutique with art...they sell clothes, jewelry, accessories & they also display & sell art.  Right off the bat I don't like this girl, I don't think she's going to be good for business.  Regardless of your opinions of people you have to make nice in business & when a couple of the Manhattan girls attended the gallery opening she was totally rude to them & that's bad business.

That brings us to Claudia who also doesn't wax her eyebrows either & is originally from Flossmoor, IL.  I like Claudia more than Chantal but I'm still not sure that I like her, she has valid points but she's also a bit obnoxious with her constant bitching.  She's the part owner of the "gallery" End of Century with Chantal & her family gave the most money to get the store up & running so she's in a constant panic about money & they hadn't even opened yet.  I'll make my mind up next week how I feel about this girl.

All in all this show is what I expected it would be & I don't know that I'm all that impressed with it.  I will give it two more episodes to see if it tickles my fancy but I can't really identify with these girls so perhaps that's why it's not really doing it for me.  

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