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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Honey Boo Boo...I watched it

Where do I start with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?  This show is one of those shows that I couldn't believe I was watching but couldn't turn off.  This family is the epitome of real & the epitome of white trash & I think that's why I liked it.  Yes, I liked it! I was entertained by these people, they are a family of mom, dad 4 girls & a pet pig...yup a pet pig & it's a boy & his name is Glitzy but that's not even the half of's the rest of the names, enjoy.  Mamma, Sugar Bear (dad), Pumpkin, Chickadee & Chubbs!  One is 17 & pregnant but after only one episode I still can't keep the family members straight.  

In the first episode we saw Boo Boo compete in a natural pageant, we saw the whole family go to some Redneck Games that included events like "bobbing for pig feet" & "mud belly flops" which members of the family participated in.  They live in Georgia & have southern accents & they way they phrase things makes it difficult to understand but thankfully TLC shows subtitles as needed.  Also in the episode we saw the pregs go in for one of those creepy ultrasounds with the orange 3-D babies & Boo Boo wanted to see if they could see her chicken nuggets in her belly so they checked her out too.  We also saw Boo Boo compete in a natural pageant which means no makeup or tans and she didn't win anything & got very upset but prior to the pageant she got wasted on sugar & was acting like a maniac in the lobby, it was funny.  Because she didn't win the family knew they would need to hire all new coaches & get all new outfits before the big pageant at the end of the season.  

We saw the family go to the weekly food auction...oh, let me go back a second, mamma & one of the kids are on a diet...and watched them buy cookies, cakes, chips & the like when they were there for pageant stuff & pig stuff both of which they got nothing for.  A few of the girls weighed themselves & when mamma got on the scale she got an E...after a second shot it showed her weight & she was over 300 & said she'd like to lose 100 pounds.  If I'm not mistaken they were all eating cheese balls after the weigh-in too, I loved it!! I cannot wait to watch this season unfold & see the shenanigans this family gets into...they sure do laugh a lot & that is really refreshing.  This one is getting a series recording on my DVR.

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