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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awake premieres tonight

The night kicks off with the 2nd season premiere of When Vacations Attack on Travel Channel at 8:00, the 1st & possible final season finale of Rob is on at 8:30 on CBS.  At 9:00 on Discovery is the 2nd season finale of Cops & Coyotes as well as the 2nd season finale of NY Ink on TLC.  At 10:00 check out the 1st season finale of Fat Chef on Food Network.  

Also up at 10:00 on NBC is the series premiere of the highly anticipated Awake starring Michael Britten.  Awake is about a detective who after a major tragedy is caught living in 2 separate realities, in 1 his son is killed in a car accident while him & his wife try to move forward & in the other his wife is killed in a car accident while him & his son try to move forward.  I think this sounds interesting but it also sounds like a cross between the movies Premonition & Sliding Doors.  I was interested in checking out the show until I saw who was playing his wife, Laura Allen whom I can't stand so I will have to pass on this one...unless of course it turns out that the wife is dead & won't be on the show anymore!  If it sounds like something you are interested in then click here for more about the show including videos, photos & you can watch the full first episode before it airs.

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