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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mad Men Recap

First of all let me say how excited I was to see Don & Peggy was a long year without them & it seems that the show itself jumped ahead about 8 months since Joan's baby is a little older, Gene is a toddler, and Don & Megan seemed pretty well settled into their new apartment & Pete & his wife are all nestled away in Connecticut & I know she's a new mom & all but she looks like shit.  I did notice that MJ from Desperate Housewives is the new Bobby & because I was paying so much attention to him I apparently missed the mansion that Betty & hubs are now living in.  

I love Peggy as Megan's boss, I have a feeling this could end up becoming a good story line but I don't really see Megan as much of a Jr. Copywriter to be honest.  The surprise party was interesting to say the least...I felt bad for Don when Megan did her little performance, she looked like a fool & he looked mortified.  Not that she was bad but she still made a spectacle & Don isn't really much of an attention grabber to begin with.

The Roger/Pete thing was classic...Roger is now nobody since he lost Lucky Strike & poaching Pete's clients so I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 am setup & he fell for it too, that was great.  Pete is the biggest weenie & drives me crazy but watching him put Roger in his place was really good as was Peggy pawning Joan's baby off on him which kind of put Pete in his.

I'm looking forward to what the rest of the season will bring & I was surprised that for a 2 hour season premiere there isn't much to report so I hope it picks up does SCDP I'm sure...with everyone just hanging out & reading the paper & missing meetings it's no wonder Roger has nothing going on.

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