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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bent Premieres Tonight

A new sitcom called Bent starring Amanda Peet premieres tonight on NBC at 9:00 while the new series Couples Therapy starts on VH1 & it's supposed to be all celebrity couples but it's 95% reality stars (like Linda Hogan & Angelina from Jersey Shore) & most of the couples haven't been together that long.  If you've been together less than 5 years & already need therapy I say save the hassle & walk away!

At 10:00 on Cooking is the 2nd season finale of Bitchin' Kitchen, the 1st season finale of Doomsday Bunkers airs on Discovery, the series premiere of Duck Dynasty airs on A&E, the 1st season finale of Find Our Missing airs on TV One and then on ID is the series premiere of Real Vice.

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