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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion opinion

Well, I watched the series premiere of Fashion Star & I'm surprised to say that I don't like it.  I normally love fashion TV like Project Runway & The Fashion Collection but this show was more like The Voice with clothes.  Meaning that we hear a 10 minute blurb about the designer & then we see a 2 minute show & then we listen to 3 people comment on & critique on the designs & then a choice is made...either their clothing will be purchased by 1 of 3 stores (Saks, Macys, H&M) or they will be up for elimination.  I found myself fast forwarding through all of the background info & the critiques & just watching the fashion "show" & the purchase outcome so the 90 minute show was about 30.  I'm not a big fan of Elle Macpherson as the host...she's kind of boring & after catching up on some Project Runway Allstars over the weekend it hit me what I didn't like.  There's no actual design on the show & I like that process, I don't care to see the final product if I don't get to see your process of making it to begin with.  I will not be picking up this show, I'll stick to Project Runway & shows of the like. 

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