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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lots on tonight, including GCB

At 8:00 on Food Network is the 4th season finale of Cupcake Wars & on TV Guide Channel is the series premiere of Hollywood Girls Night.

At 8:30 on FOX is the 1st season finale of Napoleon Dynamite.

9:00 brings the 2 hour 6th season premiere of Army Wives as well as the series premiere of Built for the Kill on NGW.

At 10:00 is the 3rd season finale of Alaska State Troopers on NGC, on A&E is the 2nd season premiere of Breakout Kings, Bravo has the 90 minute pilot episode of The Kandi Factory, the 5th season premiere of Las Vegas Jailhouse airs on TruthTV and last but not least is the 1st season finale of Million Dollar Contractor on DIY.

At 10:01 don't miss the series premiere of GCB on ABC, at 11:00 is the series premiere of Stevie TV on VH1 and at 11:59 is the 1st season finale of Il China on Adult Swim.

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