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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Give Up!

Generally, when I start watching a show I'll give it 3 episodes & if I pick it up I stick it out until the series ends but there are some that I've walked out on after a few seasons like Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl.  As this season(s) is drawing to a close I'm realizing that I have already walked away from quite a few shows & that I plan to give up even more too.  My big question to myself is why?  Is it me or is it the shows that suck?  Take 30 Rock for example...this season was not worth the wait, what happened to the writing?  I haven't laughed out loud once yet this whole season because nobody is funny or interesting, has the show overstayed its welcome? Anyway, here's a list of what I'm walking away from (or already have) this season:

  • 2 & A Half Men - Ashton sucks, this is now Kelso meets the Harpers
  • 30 Rock - So NOT funny this season
  • The Office - Hasn't been funny in years
  • Desperate Housewives (I would have left last year but this is the final season, thank God) - same old crap season after season
  • Weeds - So dumb since season 3
  • Community - Brita & Jeff...nuff said!
  • Pan Am (I don't think season 2 will exist but I walked after 3 episodes) - Boring
  • America's Next Top Model - I DVR & only watch the photo shoot & judging, I don't need all that drama & I can't believe this show is still on now
  • Glee - will totally depend on the new cast, I only watch for Jane Lynch as it is now, I DVR every episode & fast forward through all of the singing.

I'm sure as the spring/summer (off) season gets going some more shows will be added to this list...especially considering all of the Bravo & other reality TV I watch that I'm probably forgetting all about! 

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