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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pretty busy for a Saturday

At 8:00 tonight in NBC is the series premiere of Escape Routes & for the kids over on Nick is the Teen Choice Awards.

Head over to CMT at 9:00 for the 1st season finale of Bayou Billionaires or on Animal Planet it's the 1st season finale of Too Cute!.  Stick around on CMT and at 9:30 you can watch the 1st season finale of My Big Redneck Vacation.  

At 10:00 OWN offers up the series premiere of Beverly's Full House but since I'm not a fan of Oprah I would advise you watching the series premiere of Wild Scene Investigation.

I'm sure you've been wondering lately "what the hell ever happened to Bronson Pinchot" well I'll tell you...he's got his own show premiering tonight on DIY at 10:30 called The Bronson Pinchot Project & I have no clue what it's about other than DIY stuff.  CMT sure has a jam packed Saturday night because also on at 10:30 is the season premiere of Southern Nights.

At 11:00 on VH1 Classic check out the 10th season premiere of That Metal Show & then at 11:30 you can head over to BBCA for the 1st season finale of Katy Brand's Big Ass Show.  I thought that perhaps Katy Perry had changed her name when she married stupid Russell Brand & had created this show in the UK while married but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there already is some Brit named Katy Brand & this is her show of skits so it's like a 1 woman SNL for Brits except hopefully it's funny.

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