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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Four Houses...I watched it

I had taken my dog out before running some errands, as we were walking around the grass I heard some thunder that sounded distant but then it started to rain so we hurried inside & I noticed a severe thunderstorm alert on my phone so I opted to sit down & see what was on my DVR.

You guys all know that I watch a lot of chick TV channels like TLC, Bravo, Oxygen & Style so true to form I had to check out Four Houses.  Now, I'm clearly pretty stupid because I love Four Weddings & get so excited when it's on but I had no clue that this new show was the same idea...uh, duh!  Anyway, I watched the show this afternoon and surprise, I really liked it.  I love getting to see the inside of other peoples homes which is one reason why I prefer to walk my dog around the neighborhood at night, checking out peoples design aesthetic, color palettes, furniture placement...etc.  Not only does it give me ideas but it makes me think about who might live there & this show gave me that chance, to see the whole inside & meet the personality that lives there.

We had Mishka, Ricky, Jen & Bruce and they all visit each others homes as a group & then rate them & the winner gets $10,000.  Mishka was quite an earthy character & her home represented her well, she was an older woman & looked like a cross between Mila Kunis & Fran Drescher.  Ricky's house was a museum for all intensive purposes & also reminded me of our local Heidelberg Project crossed with Willy Wonka's Wonderland.  Jen's house was so overdecorated it made me anxious looking at house is messy & cluttered but only because it's an apartment with minimal space, if I had an office my place would seem so much more open!  Her house did seem cozy in some aspects though, it wasn't all bad just too much.  Last is Bruce who is a real estate agent & he lives in this beige under-decorated foreign looking home with an amazing view.  

I'm not going to tell you who won but I knew was going to win right away just by their intro.  Anyway, if you are into Four Weddings you'll probably enjoy this as well...the personalities are often the best part & these were 4 very distinct personalities so check it out!!

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