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Monday, July 2, 2012

Kris Jenner had a less than perfect trip to the Dominican Republic

Tonight E! aired the 2nd part of the Kardashian family vacation in Dominican Republic where poor Kris woke up one morning with a huge upper lip & she said she looked like someone from Hooville & she truly did!

Prior to the lip problem she also broke her toe after being tortured & chased by all the girls into a rock bottom pool.  She made up for the broken toe with plenty of alcohol but with the lip she couldn't eat or drink until finally she called a nurse.  After a day it was still bad so the nurse gave her something to take & told her to ice it as well so by that evening it had gone down a bit & she was able to eat & drink again. By their last day she was pretty much back to normal though but I had to share the photos, I mean, I felt bad for her but its hysterical!

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