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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CBS Fall Premieres

First up is a show called Elementary which is a modern day drama about Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Joan Watson played by Johnny Lee Miller & Lucy Liu.  These two are the best & crack the hardest cases in the NYPD.  Sherlock is originally from London where he has a checkered past & did a stint in rehab & Watson is his sober companion required by his wealthy father.  Dr. Watson lost her medical license a few years prior after losing a patient but it turns out that she has a knack for the whole detective thing & the two make quite a pair & learn to rely on each other.

Vegas starring Dennis Quaid & Michael Chiklis is a drama about real life former 60's Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb who is trying to keep the emerging gambling mecca under control against outsiders & crime while he'd rather just be maintaining his ranch & living a low key life.  Michael Chiklis plays a Chicago gangster who clashes with Lamb as he tries to make Vegas his begins the battle between these two which is far more involved than I noted.  

Made in Jersey is a drama about a Jersey lawyer who is competing with Manhattanites to stand out at her New York firm.  With the help of her assistant & her big Italian family she is able to balance the blue collar roots she holds so dear with the insane & intense world of NY law practice.

Partners is a comedy starring David Krumholtz and it's about two best bros who are also business partners who have their bromance tested when one of them gets engaged.  Both are in good relationships except the difference is that one of them is gay & emotional while the straight one leads with his head.  The two are trying to keep their personal & business lives on the right track while still supporting each other & their relationships.

For clips of these new shows check out my YouTube channel.

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