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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NBC Fall Premieres

Matthew Perry is back with a new show called Go On which seems like a comedy to's about a guy who's wife died & he is forced by his boss to join a support group before he can return to work. On his first day he ends up turning the group into a one up session of who has the best sob story & the show goes from there.  Personally I don't really see how this could keep going and going but from the preview it just kind of seems like Monica died & Chandler is moving on...the role is perfect for him. Special premiere after the Olympics on 8/8 & regular slot premiere at 9:00 on Sept. 11

Justin Bartha will be starring in his own sitcom The New Normal which also has cast Ellen Barkin who plays Goldie's mom.  Justin & his gay partner live in LA & want a baby...enter Goldie who has just moved there with her little girl to get away from her mom & she decides to be the surrogate for the guys.  After 9 months this show will kind of lose it's point right?  9:30 on Sept. 11

Animal Practice is another comedy starring Justin Kirk from Weeds & he plays an animal doctor who's animal hospital is being taken over by his ex.  He's terrible with people but great with animals & there's a capuchin monkey on the show too...not really sure what else to say about this one.  Special premiere after the Olympics on 8/12 & regular slot premiere at 8:00 on Sept. 26.

Guys with Kids is a sitcom about guys in their 30's who are now parents but are trying to hold on to their youth too.  Jimmy Fallon is the Executive Producer behind this one which stars Anthony Anderson so I'm sure it will be funny. Sneak peak 10:00 Sept. 12 & regular slot premeire at 8:30 on Sept. 26.

Anne Heche is a suburban wife who's husband cheats (not sure if she knows or not) in the new series Save Me. After Beth (Heche) has a near death experience she suddenly becomes a prophet with a direct line to God.  I think this one is a drama with a touch of humor so I'll be curious to see how this unfolds.  No premiere date/time yet announced.

1600 Penn is a new comedy starring Bill Pullman & Jenna Elfman & their family...they are the first family & Jenna is the step-mom to Bill's kids.  The kids are a handful to say the least (I know at least 1 is in college) so not only does dad need to keep the house together he also has to keep the country together.  No premiere date/time yet announced.

Next Caller is a series starring Dane Cook who plays a foulmouthed radio DJ...your Howard Stern type of character.  He is not happy when he finds out that he has to share his show "Booty Calls with Cam Dunne" with an NPR feminist co-host.  Hmm, I wonder if they will end up together?  Seems a bit predictable but I do like Dane Cook so I'll check it out.  No premiere date/time yet announced.

Revolution is the new series that we've been seeing previews of for quite some time, it's the one where all the power goes out so I'm not going to say any more about this one since I know you have already heard.  10:00 on Sept. 17th.

Another fire drama is coming to that Rescue Me is over someone has to try to take its place.  This is called Chicago Fire & it's about the drama of the department of firefighters, paramedics & the like who all work to get along & save lives. 10:00 on October 10th.

A new drama called Do No Harm is about a Neurosurgeon who has an alternate personality who goes out in the middle of the night & causes all kinds of havoc.  Waking up with a bunch of half naked women he doesn't know is the first sign that his alter ego has returned...he had been suppressed for some time due to an experimental serum that his body has now built up a resistance to.  His alter ego is now out to take him down!  Sounds a little like United States of Tara to me which I miss so I might have to try this one. No premiere date/time yet announced.

Infamous is kind of hard to explain in my own's a drama about a socialite who dies of an overdose & her former BFF shows up at the funeral & the family takes her back into their fold. A detective thinks that the overdose was a murder and starts investigating the former BFF & so on.  No premiere date/time yet announced.

Hannibal...there's nothing more to say here except it is about what you think it's about...Dr. Hannibal Lecter & where it all began.  No premiere date/time yet announced.

For clips from all of these (except Hannibal, nothing is out yet) check out my YouTube channel's playlist!

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