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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weeds & Episodes return tonight

First off I'm going to say that I am very happy to hear that this season of Weeds is the last season but sadly, I still have no intent on watching it.  I have been extremely disappointed by this show for the last 4 seasons or so and while there is a slight intrigue to see how the show will close up after 8 years I don't know that I can sit through another six & a half hour season of unfunny so-called comedy.  I mean, this show took a major turn from funny to dark & desperate attempts at humor & intrigue after Agrestic burned down.  All of the funny characters were cut out of the show...Celia, Heylia, Conrad, Sanjay & Lupita were the funniest part of the show & they were all written out which ruined everything for me.

Also returning tonight for it's second season after more than a year hiatus is Episodes which Matt LeBlanc won an award for best comedic actor.  In the show he plays himself & I watched the first season & it's a comedy but it's not all that funny.  I mean, it has humor but it also some super serious stuff that I could do without so...I have no plan of watching the new season...I feel that a comedy should have at least 1 laugh out loud joke per episode & this doesn't offer that for me.  Showtime has the best original programming & the worst movies but I'm beginning to question these new shows too...I tried Web Therapy as well and it too was dumb.  Shows like Californication & Nurse Jackie know how to balance the funny with the serious so they should think about that with future "comedies".

Anyway, here's the TV lineup for tonight.  At 8:00 on PBS is the series premiere of Queen & Country and at 9:00 on DA is the 3rd season finale of BBQ Pit Masters.

At 10:00 on History is the series premiere of Shark Wranglers & on Showtime is the 8th & finale season premiere of Weeds.  At 10:30 on Showtime is the 2nd season premiere of Episodes.

At 11:00 on Bravo there is a special called 10 Things That Make Me Happy.  There isn't going to be much on tonight or the rest of the week due to it being a holiday week.

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