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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thank you readers, I love this job!

I recently lost my corporate job & it was a very freeing experience for me; the first thing I did was of course pour a cocktail but then I sat down to write at DVR Slave.  I have always loved writing but when I did it on pen & paper back in my high school days it was so time consuming so I only wrote poetry. Now that I am almost always on some sort of computer I blog & I'm also currently & very slowly working on a novel.  I have no real professional writing training considering that my degree is in Sign Language & most of my professional background is in real estate. I'm a good story teller & I write the way I talk which I'm told is part of the appeal to my writing.

Now that I am unemployed I've been putting in so many hours to this site & trying to share a little more about who I am, not just what I watch on TV.  I'm watching TV shows I never would have before just so I can share something with my readers & because of this I've found different types of TV interesting which is great for me but I might fry my DVR! 

So readers, is there something that you would like to see on here?  Is there something that drives you crazy here you wish I'd change? I'm sure I'm just opening myself up to a ton of "show some boobs" emails but that's to be expected.  I want to make sure that my readers are getting what they want & more important that I'm meeting or exceeding their expectations when they visit.

I have turned this into a full time job that I am doing for free (seeing peaks in my page views is how I profit, it makes me happy) because I honestly love writing & I love TV so when I decided to start this site 3 years ago I felt it was my calling & I feel that it still is.  I'm hoping that having so much time to dedicate to this site will help propel it to new heights so that I can earn a living from it.  Readers are the reason I write & I want more of you, tons of you so go ahead, tell me what you need, want, could do without...on DVR Slave with an email to  Share the site with your friends too...I'm sure they watch TV too!

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