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Saturday, June 30, 2012

True Blood...we MUST discuss!

I just realized that I haven't yet touched base on this killer season of True Blood!  This season really came out of the gate running didn't it?  Now that we are almost 4 episodes in I don't have to tell you that there will be spoilers so here we go...Tara is a damn vampire who was turned by Pam who is playing a larger role this season so far.  We saw her in a pale yellow sweatsuit with a kiddie design on the top that was a great way to kick off the season...I mean, come on, tough ass Pam in a Holly Hobby looking sweatsuit from a bargain mart, how could that not make your day?

So Tara's a vampire & currently furious with Sookie & Lafayette for turning her & in the last episode she was starving & went to Sam for help.  She cleaned him out of True Blood because she was starving & then he put her in the walk in cooler to sleep for the day & put a sign on it saying it was out of order & not to go in it.  Arlene being nosy of course went in & was added to the list of people who now know about Tara being a vampire & she freaked the hell out when she saw it too.  I cant wait to see what goes down tomorrow night.

Then there's Bill & Eric who are currently in prison for killing Nan & being held by The Authority which is a small committee that is led by Roman Zimojic who is played by Chris Meloni & the committee also includes Barb from Cougar Town!  Anyway, in the beginning we met Eric's sister whom he screwed like crazy so we saw some hot Eric ass which was awesome.  Sis, Eric & Bill were all taken & imprisoned with some other guy who was already there & the prison kind of sucks...Bill & Eric are being totured by these people via intraveinous silver & while in their cells they are occasionally hit with UV blasts as well.  The guys just recently informed Roman that Russel Edgington is still alive & the last episode ended with us seeing what he currently looks like which is freaking disgusting but he's repairing slowly.

Next there's Jessica, Hoyt & Jason to deal with.  In the first episode we saw crazy Steve Newlin at Jason's door as a vampire & he glamoured Jason to get into the house but just as he was about to take a taste of Jason, Jessica showed up & declared that Jason was hers so Steve left.  Jessica has been partying like crazy with the local college kids & having Rock Band parties & flirting & in general taking advantage of being single & of Bill being gone.  Granted she has no clue that he's in any kind of trouble nor does Pam know about Eric but Pam is distraught while Jessica is in the "when the King's away" mode claiming that she's in charge.  So during one of her parties Jason showed up & was obviously hurt when he saw Jessica making out with some guy & he tried to hook up with someone else but couldn't do it.  He told Jessica & she basically told him that she was just helping him out when she said he was hers & that she just liked hooking up with him & didn't want anything more.  So on the Jason side, he tried to repair things with Hoyt but he just dropped about 20 F bombs & basically ran Jason out of his mom's house so I'm not sure if Hoyt is living back there (him & Jessica has a house & she's back at the lair with Bill) or if he was just there helping mama out which he was complaining about doing a lot of lately.

So anyway, that was a ramble for sure but hopefully you get the point & now, what the hell do you think is in store for the rest of the season?  I can't wait to see what happens with Tara, I feel bad for Pam (we've also just started learning her "turning" story) & am wondering if she will go the route of Jessica eventually because someone has to run Fangtasia & Eric's chair just sits there empty.  Sam's girlfriend's daughter just turned into a wolf for the first time & they were hoping she'd be a shifter rather than a wolf so I'm also intrigued with that story line, oh, how could I forget, duh...Alcide said he killed the pack master so technically he's supposed to be the new master but he doesn't want the job.  So long as his hot ass stays on the show I'll be happy!  I'm honestly not that into the Bill/Eric story yet because I'm too confused by it...political intrigue & vampire laws are too much for my head to retain, it is already filled with at least 40 hours of shows per week and it's tricky keeping everything straight.  Tune in tomorrow for the next episode, I for one can't wait to see if Tara takes a shower.

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