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Friday, June 29, 2012

Anger Management...I watched it

So I tuned in to the back to back two episode series premiere of Anger Management last night on FX & also tuned in for the season premiere of Louie so first let me say that I was not disappointed with that at all and I'm really looking forward to this coming season of the show...poor Louie, it's just so honest, I love it.

Now, on to the point...Charlie Sheen's new sitcom Anger Management where Charlie plays a therapist named Charlie.  Is he always so wasted that it's in his contract that his characters must always be named Charlie or what?  Anyway overall I thought the show was funny but I was of course comparing it to Two & a Half Men...probably because I watched a marathon of it for 10 hours on FX prior to this starting & of course it had similarities.  The humor was very similar & raunchy but not quite as witty as Men but I did laugh out loud a couple times during the first episode which is a good sign but the second episode I kind of walked away from 10 minutes in & then missed a few mins in the middle.

The premise is that Charlie is a divorced dad of a tween daughter & he's on good terms with his ex-wife.  He's sleeping with a woman casually who is also a therapist & is played by Selma Blair & I won't share much more about that in case you haven't seen it.  Charlie is a former professional baseball player & he also has anger management issues as well as his patients who he's currently seeing at his home. He runs a therapy group and the people in it as well as Charlie's neighbor offer a lot of comedic variations that work well with Charlie & the rest of the cast.  The second episode was a little more "kitschy sitcom with a message" when a woman from Charlie's past shows up & this whole debacle unfolds & yada yada.  Basically, I'm planning on adding this to the DVR lineup to see how the season plays out & when it's over I'll report back again with my findings.  Until then, check it out for certainly is worth watching.

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