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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Man v. Food

The newest show I've started watching on reruns and on Netflix is Man v. Food...I had never seen this show until it was on after an episode of "Best Sandwich in America" which is also hosted by Adam Richman who is the Man going against the food.  I never watched it before because I thought it was more similar to the show where Andrew Zimmern eats weird foods when in actuality it's nothing like that at all!  Adam goes to a city & hits up some local food & then also goes to a place in that city to eat something huge...kind of like John Candy eating the Ol' 96er in Great Outdoors.  

I live in Detroit so I made sure I fired up the Detroit episode on Netflix since I've never heard of any place in the area that serves some sort of giant anything.  First off Adam went to Lafayette & American Coney Islands as all food visitors do (there's history there, Google it if you are curious) and then he went to Slow's which is a newer & killer BBQ joint in a shadier area of Detroit that is now turning around thanks to them.  Last he went to a bar called Mallie's in Southgate where he & a team of 39 others attempted to break their own Guinness world record for the largest burger eaten in 2 hours.  As you can see by the photo the burger was huge, 190 lbs. to be exact & that pic doesn't even include the top bun, another layer of cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles, onion and tomato!  Click here to see a video of the burger being made & built.  Unfortunately, food won this challenge...the crew of 40 left 30 pounds behind unfinished but I'm pretty sure that Mallie's has since broken their record more than once so they obviously found the right 40 people at some point.  I've never been here but they are known for their burgers...check out their site.

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