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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bunheads...I watched it

I watched Bunheads...well sort of watched it.  I was baking cookies & it was on TV so I caught enough of it to know if I would like it & certainly enough to form an opinion because that only took 5 minutes.

I don't like it...the show has potential but it's trying way too hard to be Gilmore Girls & the leading lady is no Lauren Graham.  Sutton Foster (formerly on Broadway) plays Michelle Simms who was a Vegas showgirl who married a man on a whim & moved to his small town with him.  She met his mother Fanny Flowers played by Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) who is a dance teacher and then I think he dropped dead or was in a car accident or something...I'm pretty sure he died let's put it that way.  After this Michelle decided to stay in town & also teach dance so I guess I missed the middle but I saw a couple parts & that's what I didn't like about the show.

There was a scene where Michelle walks into a party (for her & her husband I think) and she's late but heads straight for the bar area & grabs a glass of wine, she takes a sip, makes a face & spits it out saying how gross it is.  This was not funny, comical, cute...this was forced & this Sutton Foster just isn't Lauren Graham (I got a very strong Lorelei Gilmore feel from the character) & it was pretty obvious to me that they should have cast this show better or not made to so closely resemble Gilmore Gilrs.  

I won't be watching this one & I've not yet heard if it has been picked up by the network as it's only been on for a couple weeks but I have a feeling it will last.  Moms can watch it with their daughters & dancers will like it I'm sure but it's too fluffy for me & too poorly acted.

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