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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Newsroom premieres tonight

Tonight on DIY at 8:00 is the 3rd season premiere of Mega Dens with a "colorful basement surprise".  Then at 9:00 on TLC is the 3rd season finale of Sister Wives, on VH1 is the 4th season finale of Tough Love on VH1.  On TV Land also at 9:00 are the AFI Life Achievement Awards honoring Shirley Maclaine.

At 10:00 on Lifetime is the 6th season summer premiere of Army Wives, on TNT is the series premiere of The Great Escape and then on HBO is the series premiere of The Newsroom.  

I've seen previews of this show and a few of my readers suggested that I watch it and I hate to say it...especially being from Michigan but I can't stand Jeff Daniels.  Every time I see him in anything he's Flap from Terms of Endearment & I can't move past it...I also don't care for Olivia Munn or Emily Mortimer so I think I'll skip watching this one.  As I'm sitting here re-watching True Blood & Girls in HD from last week I've seen a couple different new previews for it I initially thought (a couple months ago) it was a comedy & was intrigued but then a few seconds into that initial preview I realized it wasn't & lost all interest.  These different previews don't change my mind either, it just makes me not want to watch it even more but from what I hear it's supposed to be really good...Alan Sorkin is behind it so I'm sure it isn't terrible!! 

At 11:59 on Adult Swim is the 9th season premiere of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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