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Friday, June 8, 2012

Holy Mad Men...we must discuss

Did you guys see this past Sunday's episode of Mad Men?  It was such a good episode I wanted to be sure to touch base on here & say what I thought.  This episode was very poignant for so many reasons but I must say that I really wish Peggy were still there for this slam to the gut that we all experienced.  I feel bad for Don first of all because he was the one who pulled the trigger on the gauntlet here and this is going to send him into a completely new tailspin I think.  This, in my opinion was so similar to what happened with Don's brother I think it will bring a lot of old shit up with him & we very well may learn even more dark history there.  Now, I also felt so bad for Lane...because of his poor judgment he got screwed & when he tried to off himself with the Jaguar...the piece of shit car wouldn't even start!  That car brand was supposed to fix everything that had happened with the downfall of the company & give him the opportunity to make things right but even when the brand new car that his wife bought him only needed to start to help Lane out it wouldn't even do that. When Don, Pete & Roger went in there to cut him down I was flabbergasted over the whole thing.  That scene seemed to go on for an hour to me, those poor guys having to do that, Don being the only one who knows what the hell happened & then the resignation letter...standard boilerplate...I can't imagine that was all he left behind.  I'm curious to see what Joan receives in the mail next week & I have a feeling that Don is going to see Lane's wife, that poor woman was uprooted to NY from London & didn't like it & now she's all alone.

I felt really bad for Joan as well, she was so upset & rightfully so & especially since the conversation they had the prior day wasn't the best I'm sure she felt even worse.  Watching her try to get Lane's door open I instantly knew what was going on but I will say that I'm glad that she didn't actually see him when she discovered that something was up.

I also wanted to discuss Sally & her period & creepy Glen.  First of all, Glen is one creepy kid & you know that the person calling Megan & not saying anything has to be him, he used to do that to Betty & let's not forget that he also asked her for a lock of her hair...and she gave it to him which is a completely different story!  I think Betty was so happy when Sally got her first period & went home to her & then hugged her because she didn't go to Megan...the young, cool, hip girl that Sally seems to prefer for almost everything else.  When Betty crawled up into bed with her and was talking to her about having her own daughter someday I knew she was trying to bond with her but while I think Sally was happy she was there she was also really upset & felt mortified.

I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in the season finale & I really hope we get to see what Peggy is up to & she isn't just gone from the show now.

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