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Monday, June 11, 2012

The wrong I had to watch it!!

So the other night I DVR'd The Choice (hosted by Cat Deeley) on FOX just to see if it was as terrible as I thought it would be since the show claims to have the world's most eligible celebrities & Paulie D was on the first episode.  If Paulie D is considered a most eligible celebrity we have problems!!  Anyway, this show is modeled after The Voice since the bachelors cannot see the ladies when they come out, they can only hear what the ladies have to say during their 30 seconds on stage.  Dudes...there wasn't a single girl that came out that was larger than a size 8 & the ones who to me were the most annoying ended up getting the dates!  The other celebrities that were up were Romeo, a guy from GH & some skier guy...yup, definitely most eligible, I don't even know who they are & I'm freaking single!!

Anyway, in the first round ladies come out & give their "pick me because I'm spicy" ramble for 30 seconds & the guys turn around if they like what they hear.  Then the lady picks the one they want out of the guys who turned.  Next round is a quick question round where the guy asks the girls questions for like 30 seconds, then the next girl, then the next...etc.  The guys then eliminate a girl or 2 & have another round where the girls on each team are each asked the same question from their picker.  After that the guys come up & pick the one they want to take out on a date that night.  Next episode we get to see the date & meet the next 4 bachelors (Joe Jonas & then 3 guys I've never heard of) & group of attractive thin girls that they get to choose from.  This show will definitely be a hit but it's just so wrong I think it passed right half way through the first episode.

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