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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dawson's, 90210, Roseanne, My So Called Life...

These are the kinds of shows I grew up on & TV is nothing like it used to be...I'm sure my parents would say the same thing.  I used to watch TV with my mom growing up so I enjoy shows like Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, All in the Family & a lot more but obviously my key shows are those like Party of 5, Melrose Place, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Webster...the list can go on forever but since I'm currently unemployed I've been watching a lot more TV that I wouldn't usually watch so I can better blog about what's on but I find myself going back to Netflix, my DVD collection & reruns.  I spend the majority of my free time lately watching 90210, Dawson's Creek & Roseanne...I watch at least one of these shows every day but some days I'll catch all 3.  Dawson's is on Netflix, Roseanne used to be but now it's on Oxygen most days, it's on WGN & TVLand weeknights too & then 90210 is on SoapNet daily plus I have every episode on DVD.

Yes I'm thrilled that True Blood is on, Breaking Bad is coming back...etc, but I guarantee that when the season premiere of Breaking Bad is over I'll probably put on Dawson's Creek or Roseanne after.  With these shows that I watch all the time...I've seen each episode multiple times already.  I have seen 90210 beginning to end at least 18 times, Dawson's probably 5, Roseanne...shit, probably 25, My So Called Life about 6 & just now I've started re-watching Melrose Place again to add some variety.  Now Melrose I gave up on pretty early in so I will most likely not continue on past the point that watched it originally but that one I've only seen the once so it's kind of new again which I'm's like dating an old boyfriend from high school again in your 30s.

Anyway, my whole point is that now, TV isn't all it used to be.  Seasons have gotten shorter, characters have become less identifiable, sitcoms have nearly disappeared & most of the good shows are on cable channels that you have to pay for...what the hell is that all about?  I miss the fluffy with a lesson learned drama of shows like My So Called Life & 90210 & the outright humor based on real life in shows like Roseanne but now that technology has taken over (clearly, I'm currently watching TV through my blu-ray player) there is nothing left to identify with other than a house full of people in different rooms using different gadgets.  I guess this is why reality TV has become so popular & even legitimately scripted shows like Modern Family are filmed as though they are reality shows.  I love reality TV like crazy but, I'll take Roseanne the sitcom over Roseanne's Nuts any day!!

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