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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Push Girls...I watched it

So I checked out the series premiere of Push Girls on Sundance earlier in the week & I ended up adding it as a series recording.  The show felt very much like The Real L Word which airs on Showtime but it's about girls in wheelchairs rather than lesbians.  

There are 4 girls that the show is focusing on, first up is Tiphany who is blonde & very pretty is also sexually open...she had/has a boyfriend but she is also dating a woman.  I cannot recall what Tiphany does for a living or if that was even discussed yet but she is in a wheelchair because of a car accident that she had when she was younger.  She seems like a firecracker, she's outspoken & works out & all in all seems like a lot of fun to hang out with.  I really should have more information but I'm writing from the road today & left my notes at home so please bear with me.

Tiphany has a roommate, Angela who is a model & is in the chair because of a terrible accident that made her a quadriplegic where the other girls are all paraplegic so Angela has limited use of her arms & little dexterity with her hands so she needs assistance & her aunt is currently helping her out at home.  Angela is currently trying to get back into modeling & was having some head shots done in the opening episodes & she was also dealing with her husband who is the Asian guy from 21 Jump Street...the TV show.  He might be her ex-husband now but I can't say for sure...again, it's in my notes.  I do know that she needs to make money to pay for help & rent so she wanted to get back into modeling which she had done before & was wonderful at it...she's tall & thin & very exotic looking & she photographs really well.

Next up is Mia who works in an office (not really sure what she does) and at the beginning was dating an able bodied guy who she later broke up with after a year and a half.  Mia is really strong willed & isn't willing to settle for anything in any situation...not work, not men, not anything so it makes her a little hard & closed off which kind of reminds me of me, LOL.  Mia is the only one in a chair because of something other than an accident, she had a spinal embolism or some to that effect when she was a teenager I think...God, I really should remember this but's in my notes.

Last but certainly not least is Auti...she also was in an accident & broke her back in half which put her in the chair.  Auti is a hip-hop dancer & also now a ballroom dancer & in one of the first episodes we get to see her compete in a big ballroom competition & win her category which has nothing to do with wheelchairs.  Auti is married to a hot guy who is really supportive of her & puts up with her stubbornness as well, they are really cute.

All in all this is a great show & since the information I gave you is pretty poor I think you should check Sundance for reruns & start watching the show yourself!

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