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Monday, June 25, 2012

I am watching Laguna Beach & I still love it!

So I am currently out at the lake where my friend recently had cable & wifi installed.  He used to have a dish & no internet at all so if we were stuck inside there was nothing to do, especially after the dish got bumped in a storm & only 6 channels came in!  Anyway, I like to have some TV & coffee time in the morning to get my engine going & when I got up he was watching an Underworld movie but as soon as he went out I changed a Laguna Beach (the photo is off my lake "Laguna Beach") marathon. 

I miss this show...the drama of rich kids is like the drama of the Real Housewives franchise...its hilarious and enticing.  The drama between LC & Kristin & Stephen sucked me in instantly of course & watching it now is so funny knowing how they "ended up".  Well, actually I don't have a clue what happened to Stephen...I remember that he was on a TV show there for a while, who knows maybe he still is but its a show I obviously don't watch.
Back then we saw LC (now just Lauren) aspiring to be a Kelly Cutrone & now she's a full on fashion designer with a "good girl" reputation, she's not exactly the type to be showing her vag to the world in Us Weekly.  And of course there was Kristin who was the bad girl then and she tried a hosting career there for a while but as far as I know she's just a "Football Wife" in training now & pregnant as well.

I don't have a clue what folks like Polster, Jen Bunny & Morgan are up to & I haven't seen season 2 with that stupid girl who made terrible choices in guys & was always chewing on her lip in a long time...Netflix only has season 1 & I've only seen season 1 being rerun as well.  I'd like to see season 2 again to remind me of the antics there because all I remember is the LC & Jason drama as well as that dumb girl & all her man troubles that she was bringing on herself.  Anyway, I should get back to watching TV so I'll have more to share later about Man vs. Food which is my new addiction!   

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