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Friday, June 29, 2012

Real World...Paradise?

I tuned into the brand new season of The Real World: Paradise Found which takes place in St. Thomas about 20 minutes into the first episode.  At 30 minutes later I cannot wait for this to end...I used to love Real World & Road Rules but now I don't see myself continuing to watch this show.  I can't remember the last time I actually made a point to watch a season every week, I guess it was the Real Housewives of my youth but now, it's just idiotic.  These people have been here for 5 minutes & already some guy is in love with some girl, another guy is fighting with some other guy, 1 chick is obnoxiously wasted, some other chick took a dump & didn't flush & not one single person this season is attractive (well except maybe Trey, pictured above).  The house of course is amazing as it always is & especially being that it's in St. Thomas the scenery & property are breathtaking but they take this diamond & fill it full of assholes & all for our entertainment.  Thanks MTV, I'm sure I'll spend at least one Sunday afternoon watching a marathon once I get sucked in by some sex story.  Just by the previews for next week there are already 3 "couples" formed and then the guy with the big spacers in his ears is left all alone.

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